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December 15 2018 20:44:51
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Karbala mod on-line again! And small update...
Website Hi all!
As you can see, I turned on our page again! Unfortunately, we're hosted on free server, which is continuously attacked by some naughty spammers from Russia (all had Russian domains). Because of that, I was forced to turn off registration process for new users, and hide forums. So if you want to comment on our mod please do it in our thread at Bohemia Interactive Forums. But Russian hackers are the best, so I bet that we'll see them again! ;)
Back to our site, it's constantly changing. I'd changed general outlook, and soon I hope to include custom CSS style sheet, to achieve really original look. I'm also writing small articles about Polish Military Contingent in Iraq, units who were part of it (namely 17th Mechanised Brigade - heroes from City Hall) and weapons used by all fighting forces. First will be description of Polish Beryl carbine - Kalashnikov derivative which is gaining more and more attention in US - this year Radom Arms Factory (Beryl's maker) will sell over one thousand of them in USA!
There is also one more news which is new WIP photo from our mod! It's Oxygen render of Beryl 2004, or (how it's officially called) Mk96B Beryl carbine. But some of you may have seen OFPR.info news about our mod, and now you may ask: 'What's that, this photo is different gun than one at the .info!'. And you're right - what we're presenting now is old screenshot from September 2011. As I wrote on OFPR.info new models have some of Vilas' mistakes changed (for example he used AKM gas block on Beryls). In following days we'll show not only pics you know from the Czech site, but also comparisons between old and new models. Today I can also confirm that Arsenal rifles from Bulgaria are also made, but they're waiting for better textures of receiver. There are also some more surprises, but it's still secret!

Karbala 2004 Mod leader

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